Леприкон ИСТМА

CHECKPOINTanime base model female game character girls lora man realistic sexy woman зеленый истма леприкон украшения шляпа

Леприкон ИСТМА

DownLoad: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/383664

An unearthly fantasy concept art of a beautiful forest woman, a beautiful dancing Celtic leprechaun woman dancing under the starry sky. Her dress flutters in long curls – a masterpiece, the best quality, 1 Celtic leprechaun woman, “Elements of St. Patrick’s Day” by Michael William Kaluta and Afarin Sajedi, (animated, cute, expertly executed: 1.4), poster, bold lines, overly detailed, expressive, award-winning, (frame from the film: 1.4), (intricate details, masterpiece, best quality:1.4),

a look at the viewer, dynamic pose, wide viewing angle, masterpiece, best quality, silhouette of a woman in a leprechaun costume and a leprechaun hat, Karn Griffiths, Emily Kell, Steve McCurry, Jeffrey Terence, Aaron Horkey, Jordan Grimmer, Greg Rutkowski, amazing depth, double exposure, surrealism, geometric patterns, St. Elements of St. Patrick’s Cathedral of that time, shamrocks, golden pot, pipe, harp, candle, beer, Celtic cross, intricate detailing, bokeh, perfectly balanced, deep fine borders, artistic, smooth, excellent work of the head of the rapid development department,<lora:Zenpainting l -SDXL_v1.0:0.7>, illustration of Zen painting,


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