526Mix V1.4.5 – V1.4-less-dark

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Model Name 526Mix V1.4.5
Model Type Checkpoint
Base Model SD 1.5
Version Name V1.4-less-dark
File Name 526mixV145_v14LessDark.safetensors
SHA256 abfa8995d6
NSFW False
Trigger Words
Tags futuristic, dark, general purpose, nature, all in one, digital art, versatile, mix, high quality, highly detailed, concept art, digital painting, environment concept art, classical, fantasy art, dark fantasy, paintings, artistic, digital illustration, faces, painterly, portraits, rpg, sci fi, semi-realistic, traditional art, noise offset, general use, photos
Metadata fp = fp16
size = full
format = SafeTensor
Size 1.99 GB
Version Description Alternate version of 1.4 that has a much lower proportion of noise offset, based on 1.3.5-less-dark.

  • Less accuracy and whimsicalness (generally, in my testing).
  • People who get bad luck with certain prompts unexpectedly tending towards darkness (such as “cinematic still frame”) won’t have to worry with this one quite as much.

YMMV. Not extensively played with.

Source https://civitai.com/models/15022
Author 526christian

Example images’ prompts are in InvokeAI’s formatting.


  • Keep CFG at 5 to 6, as this model is a tad overbaked. Only in rare cases do certain esoteric prompts demand normal CFG (e.g. wikihow articles).
  • ~40-45 steps recommended when not using img2img to upscale as your high-res fix.
  • img2img at 0.47 to 0.55 strength and same step count is recommended for high-res fix on most prompts to upscale from a small resolution. InvokeAI users should enable High Res Optimization, ideally at the same strength. With that enabled, you can get away with 30-35 steps on DDIM, k_euler_a, and DPM samplers to get clean and fully-detailed results.
  • <neg-sketch-2> highly recommended for boosting photorealism and 3D art in many cases, though may occasionally behave oddly for certain prompts (e.g. interior images, spaghetti demons). Download the learned_embeds.bin, and place in your embeddings folder. You may want to rename it. The trigger in the Automatic1111 UI is whatever you change the filename to, while in Invoke it’s <neg-sketch-2>.
  • Best results at at least 768x resolution in either direction.
  • When prompting for a person’s age, try typing their age in words, not numbers. Numbers are tokenized separately, so prompting for a 42yo instead of a forty two year old can give you a man-sized kid.
  • If your images are a bit dark, try putting low light in your negative prompt to kill dark lighting effects, or dark to kill dark coloring.
  • DPM samplers like DPM++ 2M Karras are more liable for artifacting and weirdness in this model, and may need extra steps. DDIM is more stable, though may not be as good for some prompts, such as high-detail photographic prompts.
  • Other negative embeddings besides <neg-sketch-2> (e.g. bad-artist-anime, bad-hands-5, bad_prompt_version2) are generally not recommended, as they impact art style and model expressiveness and have little, if any, actual benefit.
  • k_heun is excellent for photorealism, but is very slow. Some prompts can work fine at only 15 steps, but others may come out wobbly until 30 steps.
  • For some very high-detail images and cozy interior design, a higher img2img/InvokeAI HRO strength like 0.65 can do good for detail level and sharpness. 0.75 can also work, but that high risks introducing a bit of the crunch effect experienced at 7+ CFG. Use wisely.


Update V1.4.5: This version tries to somewhat reduce iris and pupil distortion in peoples’ eyes and improve general coherence somewhat, on average. Also, it’s a touch less dark. This was accomplished by building a sub-mix with similar behavior to V1.4, but with better eyes and 50% noise offset, then mixing that in at 20% and hoping for the best. Seemed to work okay. Has occasional interpolation weirdness in a few prompts.


Anime / 2D animated-optimized version here: https://civitai.com/models/35893?modelVersionId=42086

Surreal / vivid illustration mix: https://civitai.com/models/44596


My personal merge of Stable Diffusion 1.5 custom models using the noise offset to improve contrast and dark images. An


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